About 1 000 Days of Culture

To mark the fact that December 2019 sees 1,000 days remaining until the next parliamentary election, 17 cultural organizations in Sweden announced a joint project – 1 000 Days of Culture. A initiative during one thousand days with the aim to illustrate how important culture is for democracy.

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Various cultural institutions in Sweden today are noticing, with concern, increasing nationalistic and populist tendencies across Europe. In Sweden too, we are seeing political powers becoming increasingly involved in art and culture. The long-standing approach – whereby politicians grant funds for cultural purposes without meddling in the actual content – is slowly being encroached upon.

Democracy is fundamental to freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is fundamental to democracy. In historical terms, it is clear that a human’s right to have any opinion of their choosing has had to be hard won, over and over again.

It all started with a debate article

It all began with a debate article in Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter on 16 December 2019. The players backing up the article want to see a public enquiry overlooking the position of culture in the law to be consolidated, since the current level of protection is not strong enough to resist political influence.

Link to debate article here

The following organizations are taking part in the 1 000 Days of Culture initiative

Cirkus Cirkör
Folkets Hus & Parker
Gothenburg City Theatre
International Scene of Contemporary Dance
Kulturhuset Stadsteatern
Länsteatrarna Sweden
Malmö City Theatre
Mångkulturellt Centrum
Scenkonst Öst
Swedish Film Institute
Unga Klara
Uppsala City Theatre

The collaboration was an initiative of Riksteatern – Sweden’s National Touring Theatre.